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Just Touching Scene.
  • Daughter:Daddy, I won't marry.
  • Dad:Eh?
  • Daughter:You'll be so lonely without me.
  • Dad:This is natural.
  • Daughter:During all my life I was acting like a spoiled brat, fully depending on you. Actually, I've made nothing for you and mommy.
  • Dad:That's not right. You've left we very splendid gift.
  • Daughter:Gift? I...?
  • Dad:Yes, and priceless. The first gift is your birth, it was early in the morning. When I first met you, you was weeping like a little angel. Hahaha, I've never heard such a wonderful music. When I go out of the hospital, sky on the east just begins to became whiter, but above the head sky was full of stars. Under this wonderful amount of universe dust. I've been able to inherit my life in treasure that just borned. It was such wonderful, I couldn't keep my tears. And everyday afterwards, was full of pleasure that you gives me and it was the best gift. Like when you can walk, speak, etc., and when you graduated from your school. It will a little bit lonely, but memories will give me comfort. You don't need to worry.
  • Daughter:Daddy...

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